MetaRace is a play-to-earn NFT greyhound racing blockchain game in the Metaverse that will allow investors the ability to own dogs, participate in races, breed unique NFT dogs, grow a kennel or training business, buy land, build racecourses, and co-own community racecourses.

Combining a multi-billion dollar business, a fully verifiable blockchain and unlimited earning potential due to NFT and decentralised community participation – there are no limits to growth potential!

Join MetaRace Now.

Greyhound Dog Racing
in the Metaverse!

Buy, Sell, Train, Breed, Race, Win and Earn with MetaRace NFT Greyhounds – Buy Lands, Develop MetaCourses and EcoSystem Game Play.

Unique NFT Greyhound Dogs

Get ready for unique NFT mined and bred for racing.
Select your Greyhound now, and be ready to race, breed, and earn to the Metaverse.

NFT MetaRace Marketplace

Become an owner – breed, train, buy and sell NFT dogs.
It all starts in the Marketplace using the MetaDog (DOG$) token

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About MetaRace

Authentic Ownership

Creating new standards for play-to-earn, gaming and staking. Ownership of all MetaRace dog NFTs are registered and verifiably proven on the blockchain.

Provable and Transparent.

Decentralised Community

MetaRace will be a fully decentralised community run game. Build a racetrack, become a racetrack owner, trainer or bookmaker within MetaRace.

Many commercial opportunities available to the NFT and DOG$ token owners.

The player controls the races on their community owned and run racetrack. Issue licenses, events and share in the spoils of a full Racing Ecosystem.

Interactive - Unique NFTs

MetaRace Greyhound racing will breathe new life in the static sports and the animal NFT market.

Players can now fully interact with their DNA enriched NFT racing dogs and have total control over their community racecourse.

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MetaRace Greyhound
Racing Ecosystem

Featuring a complete NFT Play-to-Earn greyhound racing ecosystem where you can participate in decentralised, community run dog races, breed NFT dogs with unique characteristics and traits. Share in or build your own NFT RaceCourse, become a Kennel owner, Trainer, Breeder, or Player and earn while you play.

Greyhound Dog NFT

One of a kind dogs that differ in both traits (rarity, performance, speed, agility, strength, stamina, cool-down time) and visual appearances.

Dog Breeding, Training and Boarding

Corresponding dog genetics and breeding via genetic created traits algorithm with ERC 721 NFTs.

Earn extra income by training and boarding other owners greyhounds.

Racing Events and Winnings

Random Number Generation (RNG) technology, that is verifiable, provable, transparent and fair, determines the results. Winners share in % of all pooled participant fees and additional revenues and prize monies.

Racing Club MetaCourse Memberships

Share in community owned racecourses, called MetaCourses, by being a token holder, NFT holder or via buying land. SportemonGo (SGO) Diamond Hand Club holders also share in the first community co-owned course.

Token Sale
Token Sale

NFT MetaCourse Membership

MetaCourse racing club ownership is formed from a collection of community members, the creators, the investors, token holders, NFT dog and other ecosystem stakeholders.

Each Racing Club formed, will be decentralised, fair and transparent with provable voting and member management systems to guide certain decisions in the game: events, promotions, marketing, game development and future operations and opportunities.

Providing a unique and innovative play-to-earn greyhound racing game run by the players and with revenues and profits from all commercial activities including entrance fees, sponsorships, advertising, trials and other racing related activities being shared or used to grow the ecosystem. Your game – help decide and be part of the future of racing.

Token Sale
Token Sale

World’s First
ETF Play-to-Earn
Racing Ecosystem

Featuring a complete ETF play-to-earn greyhound racing ecosystem where you can own or co-own all the gaming assets. Forget making gaming companies rich – earn with this revolutionary decentralised blockchain gaming product.

Create Cashflow

Participate, own, earn, and play in a decentralised, community run environment which includes buying, breeding and racing NFT greyhounds with unique characteristics and traits. Share in or build your own NFT Racecourse, become a kennel owner, trainer, breeder, or racer and play-to-earn.

Value $

The ETF will reflect the underlying value of the DOG$ token, providing liquidity, value and confidence to most crypto holders, NFT investors along with supporting the floor market price.


MetaRace will be net deflationary to be highlighted as one of the few NFT developments that is first and foremost a commercial product. With profitable revenue models and outcomes for sustainable returns expected for a proven racing industry business model in the virtual MetaVerse world.

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MetaRace Team








MetaRace Project Roadmap

We are aiming to introduce our game-changing platform by the end of this year and
fully arm it with all the exciting features next year.

Q4 2021

MetaRace Game Play and Character Designed
Private Sale
Token launch IDO
Pre-Order offers for NFT Greyhound Geneses
Series One - 3D Dogs, traits and elements revealed
Smart contracts and interaction setup

Q1 2022

Platform BETA launch
NFT Dog Breeding (Smart Contract) launch
Breeding smart contracts deployed
Kennel NFT Assets Launch (Smart Contract)
Animated race simulation launch
Wallet integration

Q2 2022

Full platform launch
Additional new NFT assets launched
Series Two NFT Greyhound Dog Sale
Auction implemented
MetaCourses launch
DOG$ token purchase direct with FIAT and Crypto currency

Q3-Q4 2022

MetaRace mobile app for iOS and Android
Ads and sponsor services integration
Integrations with external platforms, planned partnerships and other wallets
Option to integrate a3rd party fantasy sports play
API for dog racing streaming platforms


Full End to End Racing
EcoSystem: DOG$ economy

All in-game transactions on MetaRace platform are made exclusively in DOG$.
Even if received, transacted or displayed in any other crypto or fiat currency.

Premium early access to the platform
Exclusive access to the NFT drops
First ones invited to try new features
NFT assets at a Special price

DOG$ holders take part in the community decision-making governance and
profit share process with regards to the development of the entire racing ecosystem, and platform.


The more you stake the more you
increase your chances of winning!


DOG$ tokens are staked for 45 days in high APR pools while receiving SGO tokens as a reward


Stakers will have a chance to be awarded with prizes for staking


LUCKY Stakers receive bonus NFT at the end of the staking pools


NFT Greyhound Dog Racing Ticket Redeem!