July 15, 2022 themetarace_830tbd

The initial build of the greyhound racing game is 98% completed in full

The initial build of the greyhound racing game is 98% completed in full. After the initial launch, will continue to update the game to add value to investors and players alike through additional features, development and upgraded gameplay.

The twitch stream is continually updated with new game developments: https://m.twitch.tv/themetaraceworld/home 

We are finalizing the metadata to mint the in-game usable NFT greyhounds, betting integration has been completed, intuitive AI commentary being integrated and additional features to gameplay are being added pre-launch. The DOG$ game will launch with 8 house dogs running races with proper algorithms and betting opportunities. NFT owners will be able to use their greyhound NFTs to race shortly after the initial launch.

The exciting partnership with Knights continues to move forward in a very positive way. Knights have created a Solana fork on which the game will launch so that we can have better control of the sustainability and stability of the game. In addition we will be moving to a DOG$ V2 token and additional exchanges are planned in the near future. (Details to follow soon regarding DOG$ V2.)

Currently, community wise, we are looking to grow organically through partnerships with other crypto communities (for items like competitions, poker tournaments etc) that lead to a further reach and interaction within the crypto space. Along with this, we will be releasing targeted marketing with the game launch and in the future branching out into the real world for marketing and partnerships.

We are excited at the impending launch of the DOG$ game as it is a very important part of the ecosystem. It brings buy backs, shows proof of concept, increases the value of Liberty One and creates a revenue stream into the Liberty One Treasury Fund (L1TF).  The success of the greyhound racing (DOG$) game is also crucial to ensuring the successful DEF1 token and game launch.


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