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PRE-SALE SporteBot Hunt #00 by computer generated algorithm for this SporteBot character at time of minting.

671 is total supply for the Sportebot Genesis #00

351 were already minted/ and given out.

We are still missing rare Sportebots #00 Silver, Gold, and especially the One & Only Black Neon. Hunt Now!

Every Sportebot character is unique, with has individual characteristics’ which may include color, strength, speed and other powers, jerseys, team, color and numbers, and SGO logo rarity variations.

200 in stock

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This is the first character in the first series of SporteBots and as such should command a healthy secondary market. SGO management experience in the market making is exceptional and we expect to be able to create value for Sportemon Go, SGO, SporteBots and other NFT collectibles as we grow the brand, utility, add games, opportunities, develop a community to broader 99 and bring to sports, crypto, and the metaverse real business, real products, real services, and real collectibles.
Please do your own research! As Crypto and Collecting can be highly speculative and require patience, “Remember time in the market is better than timing the market. Warren Buffett.”
Good luck and I hope you enjoy your Sportebot for many years to come in what I think will be an exceptional and exciting future!

Ricky Jackson – Creator of Sportebot First Edition