March 14, 2022 themetarace_news

MetaDog Racing (DOG$) NFT racing game to be launched on Solana

MetaDog Racing will be launch on Solana later this year & the game will have an Ethereum (ETH) token associated

AMA on March confirmed one of the hottest game releases for 2022 will be released on Solana together with an associated Ethereum (ETH) token. The decision to release the game on Solana will maximize the value of NFTs and investor returns, maximizing gameplay through Solana’s fast transactions and low fees.

MetaDog Racing is a decentralized- NFT Play 2 Earn greyhound racing blockchain game, with many commercial opportunities to NFT and DOG$ token owners including the community-run races, racetrack ownership, training, and breeding dogs. On (date) March Ricky Jackson announced the game will be released on Solana, with an associated ETH token and that a bridge will be created for moving tokens to ETH.

Why Solana for DOG$

Solana has become an increasingly popular choice for NFTs and blockchain games, with high transaction speeds, currently 2500 transactions per second and theoretically capable of over 650,000 TPS, and low fees which are on average $0.00025 and will stay under $0.01 forever. Utilizing Solana’s high speeds, scalability, and low fees maximises the value of NFTs and investor returns with less value being lost to gas/transaction fees and less time taken to process transactions. Scalability is extremely important as the game grows and will ensure smooth gameplay and low latency even when there are millions of users. Solana achieves this by maintaining a single global state as the network scales.  

About MetaDog Racing

A complete Greyhound Racing Ecosystem that is owned, managed, and run by Sporte Agency/Sportemon Go founders and team. An NFT Play 2 Earn game where one can participate in decentralized, community-run dog races, breed NFT dogs with unique characteristics and traits. Even share in or build your own NFT MetaCourse, become a Kennel owner, Trainer, Breeder, or Player, and make a profit while doing it.

Fully doxxed funders, large proven admin support, creative and development team who have already produced world-class quality products, secured million dollar crypto and real-life deals, and are known, innovators. These combinations of skills and experience have already seen a 100m + market cap success and some huge name partnerships.

About Sporte Agency/Sportemon Go

Sporte Agency/Sportemon Go was founded in 2021 by Ricky and Corey Jackson. With illustrious backgrounds in sports marketing and sporting software, the pair envisaged the creation of a platform to stand as a world premiere in NFT augmented reality sports trading.

With the purpose of revolutionising both the gaming and NFT collectible industries, Sporte Agency/Sportemon Go will enable its users to hunt and collect NFTs of their favourite sporting heroes in the real world and in real-time. Creating the perfect synergy between the current world and the metaverse, participants will be able to interact at stadiums and sporting events like never before.




Media Contact

Company Name: Sporte Agency

Contact Person: Ricky Jackson


City: London